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Better Age – the Supplements You Need and Should Include In Your Diet

Better Age – the Supplements You Need and Should Include In Your Diet

(3 Check Points to Keep Yourself in Prime Condition)

Health is a virtue, and everyone wants to keep it as good as possible. This can get harder with age, especially if you were prone to an unhealthy lifestyle during your prime. The worst and most common problems that seniors face are problems with memory and recollection, weakened bones and high blood pressure. These can be improved by just a few changes to your diet or simple supplements.

Along with humans, cells from which we are made of also age. This includes brain cells and there are simple measures that can prevent or slow down this process. The most simple and commonly used by medical professionals is a diet change and with that they think of a ” healthy, balanced ” diet. But what does this really mean? Usually when there is talk about healthy food, people instantly eliminate fats from the conversation and their diet.

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Yes, not all fats are good, but there is one kind, Omega 3 fatty acids that should be consumed on regular basis. They can be found in various fish and seeds, but their most important trait is that they help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Your diet should also include a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, especially those in dark blue and green colors, because they contain a lot of antioxidants that help your body regenerate itself. An occasional glass of red wine is also recommended. It can improve your memory and it contains iron that helps with the transport of oxygen around your body.

If all of these changes seem too much, you can combine them with the use of different nutritional supplements. They usually come in form of pills or capsules and they contain different ingredients that are known for their use as ” memory boosters “, for example extract of Ginkgo Balboa plant and green tea.

Calcium is the element that gives the bones their structure and hardness and with age, the body’s ability to merge it into the bone decreases. This means that you need a higher amount of calcium per day to reach the same effect. You can achieve it by paying attention to the labels of the food you eat. Some of the foods on the market today have an artificially enhanced calcium content, for example calcium fortified cereal. You can also buy calcium pills or special calcium powder that you add to your food.

High blood pressure can be caused by many different reasons, most common is, again, unhealthy diet with too much salt and saturated fat. You can change your diet, but not only by cutting stuff out, but also with adding to it. How? With different herbs. Many of them are known to have a positive effect on blood pressure and by adding basil, cinnamon, cardamom and garlic to your food, you can make it tastier and healthier.

This also brings us back to the point – not all fats are bad, because Omega 3 fats are good for more than one thing. They can also help you lower your blood pressure along with improving your memory.
Check all three bases and you will be well on your way to a healthier and longer life!

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